Golf – What To Wear When Playing

1There is no better way of spending a lazy afternoon than playing golf. You not only get to enjoy spending the day outside, but also get the chance to enjoy the rich sense of tradition and history that golf offers. Some of this golf tradition extends to the wardrobe and if you are new in the game, it is not always easy to figure out what to wear. As a player, here are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing suitable golf attire.

Before you hit the green, make sure that you check out with the golf club you playing at and learn about their wardrobe rules. Some golf courses may have very strict rules, such as proper length of shorts and no jeans allowed. Familiarize yourself with these recommendations because it will enable you to plan an outfit to keep you away from the embarrassment of feeling out of place.

The next tip when choosing what to wear at the golf course is to get collared. When choosing a shirt, always insist on a collard one when hitting the links. While this is not a requirement in some golf courses, collared shirts are still the preferred option on the links. You can choose either a polo style or a button-down collared option, depending on your preference. If you are playing in warm weather, a short-sleeved, collared shirt would do the trick. There are Fun Fairways courses that allow women to wear sleeveless shirts in warm weather.

Many golf courses at and around the world tend to lean towards traditional dress codes, so players are encouraged to choose classic clothes. Instead of wearing a pair of jeans, shorts or khaki pants are just fine. When it comes to pants, make sure that they are of the perfect length because very short ones or very long ones aren’t perfect. Women golfers can do better by choosing golf skirts than shorts.

To ensure peak performance when playing golf in warm weather, it is important that you choose clothes that will make you keep cool throughout. For example, pants, shirts and other lightweight clothing items made of cotton will enhance your performance. You can also choose clothes crafted from knit mesh wicking materials to help you pull moisture away from the body. You can also try visiting for more information.

As for players playing in cool weather, the best choice would be something that makes you feel warm as you play. Golf players are advised to choose nothing short of trim pieces with close fit as outerwear. This is advisable considering that oversize or buggy outerwear tends to interfere with the mobility of players, leading to poor swing.


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